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ith over ten years of experience in the industry we've learned that distribution was living in the past and retail needed a makeover in the alcohol industry. With our background in startup incubation and creating tech companies, we think we can bring the same mindset of technical innovation to the alcohol industry.

CAP System

We know that brands can get lost in the portfolio, so that's why we're going to put caps for warehouses in each region. We'd rather put our attention on 20 brands at 100% than 20% at 100 brands.

Technology Advancement

Over the course of the next few years we'll be working on new technologies that put us in a position to maintain brand quality and increase sales. We'll be creating a new channel for buying alcohol through SMS for retailers, manifesting a database for retailers to find your brand assets, and much more.

Retail Arm

Uptown splits into two arms: one of which is retail and the other is distribution. Our Uptown retail centers are also part of our growth strategy and help to increase sales of the brands in our distribution portfolio by emphasizing and promoting their products the most.

A Growing Company

Let's grow together, we fully plan to launch nationally for both distribution and retail. We're going to fix this deficit in the alcohol industry.
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Our Plans

We're in the process of launching our NY and CA locations for distribution. We're hoping to launch with strong technological aspirations.

What do we look for in an artisan:
  • Someone who cares for brand
  • Promotes the use of technology
  • Open to national distro

We're looking for growth minded people and hope that you can be a part of it.

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We innovated out of frustration, we hope you can growth with us.
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